Selasa, 10 Juli 2012

International Cultural Camp 2012

Evening Plenary

My Hand Made : Painting Class Ukraine

Taiwan Culture Time

Chinese Traditional Painting Made by me


Papercraft by Peri Indonesia

Couple in diversity

Papercrat Collections

yeahhh.. My Team Bandung-France-Yogya

waww.. Kim You are so Amazing :)

with my Russian friend we are Bombastis

Thanks alot for your story about Ukreine

With Paula and her Boy Friend both of Italian

Ali you are so Amazing and really entertaint

with Chinese Partcipant

with Laras and Cindy (Fun Team)

International Participant

This is me


with my Czech friend thanks for the dance

with Darina (Russian) Punishment team

Thanks For Inspiring all the participant : we love you Tina Huang

Serious hearing Ali's Explanation about Islam in Western

Participants... ;)

Ali... Yeahh so Rock On


Hi.... EP

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