Sabtu, 15 November 2014

16th AAAP Congress Report

It has just finished the biggest conference and congress in the field of Animal Science known as AAAP (Asian-Australasian Animal Production) in Yogyakarta. Indonesia is twice being the host of this conference. As the conference and congress went succesfully and memorable there are plenty of stories behind its success. Here , I am going to tell you what has been being my responsibility along the program. I do become  LO (Liasion Officer) for the Invited speaker who particulary invited by the committee to have speech in plenary session, they are the one who expert in their field.
I really thankful that I was part of the student committee, got many experiences and an insightful moment I felt during the conference. and on this occasion, the man that must be assisted is a Prof. Francois Bocquier ( Director, Department MPRS Sup Agro UMR-Systemes d'Elevage Mediterranean et Tropicaux, France ).I love the way he enjoys his presence in the conference. 
sometimes the picture could explain a thousand words, so here are the pictures: 
Mr. Bocquier is explaining his research about "Livestock Adaptation and Development in Harsh Environment"

Take photograph in front of the gate at the conference venue, Grha Saba Pramana becomes my second home at that time.

They are the best for poster and oral presentation.

The next host for AAAP 17th  goes to University of Kyushu, Fukuoka Japan.

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