Senin, 03 Desember 2012

IYLC 2012

Hi lovely readers, i just wanna share what I've done in a week ago. I'm participating a conference which held by Aiesec Universitas Indonesia. took places in several buildings and entirely awesome, amazing and unforgetable. this is annualy program from Aiesec Indonesia and the participant only for new Aiesecer. actually i've been waiting for this great conference two weeks ago, meanwhile, I've to done all the tasks from my college before I went to this conference. here we are UGM delegates at the Indonesia Youth Leadership Conference 2012. "Youth Impact".

we just arrived at Gambir station and doing some narsism act. we are from Aiesec UGM  ready  to  participate the conference. 

These are UGM delegates (from left to right) : Tatya, Aam, Damar, Rury (our president), Ivo (the youngest delegate), Intan, Wilda, Me (smile over), Whinda and Haidar. at Bank of Indonesia.

break time after opening ceremony IYLC 2012. tasting some cakes and  slices of fruits.

Hi Aiesec...... We enjoying the break time

gather with Aiesec Undip

we've done the session : Indonesia Calling

can you recognize these person : at Carnival in Paris session (Jesunny Hotel)

still in carnival 

in front of Jogja Booth. at Smesco Building. prepare to Gala Diner and cultural exhebition.

The last session of Gala Diner. a few minute before we back to hotel.

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