Jumat, 07 November 2014

A Final Year Student.

Probably, some of you are feeling curious about major that I took in university. I'm a final year student of Animal Science and Industry Universitas Gadjah Mada.

Faculty of Animal Science, UGM. Photo credits to Rahadian
Time goes fast and I just realize that I am standing in the edge of my time-study which mean I have to prepare for proposal research and others. I already had a conception about my research and set the target when it should be finished. everyone has their own way to finished from this faculty.
as a final year student my time in college is rare, I only took 9 credits which mean I only spend two days in class and the rest is free. unfortunately I got part time job to teach in a foundation therefore I won't get borring.
I believe that many of you dilemma what will you do after graduated from your college. firstly, you may have set all the list about what will you do after but in the last it blurs because real life is getting closer and closer. we must have a clear conception about what will we do after graduated for example work in dreamed company, work for NGO, build own business or even to pursue post graduate in well-known university overseas. Life is choice.
 I give you things that need to consider before you gradute :

- Got sufficient GPA. some of you assume GPA is important or unimportant, in fact that those who doesn't have a high GPA could run their company and succes. in my opinion when you graduate from your college make sure that your GPA is sufficient as prerequisite to apply post-graduate and apply a job ( Min. 3.00 scale 4.00). a CEO from a multi-national company says that  GPA is first gate to pass first selection (if yours is sufficient) only that and the rest determined by our skills.
- Increasing skills, includes leadership ( leadership isn't born but it created ), communication skill.
- Learn other languages. we will live in a dynamic world where everything goes fast and human interaction from around the world is unavoidable, we must be ready for it. Asean Economic Community is going closer anyway.
- Learn own culture. I fond of with the sentence " Act Locally Think Globally "

*and now I'm thinking

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