Minggu, 10 Maret 2013

Campus Life.

And the flows has brought me into my world nowdays, being  "such a journalist".


Gathering with Bulaksumur pos Crews. Bulaksumur is a student jurnalist organization  in UGM. and finnaly I could be part of this super cool org.  full of joy and happiness there.


These are Gallusia's Crews. This is my home and my family in my faculty. this picture was taken in the moment we're gather before enjoying field trip. you should know that Gallusia is student journalist org. which has base on faculty of Animal Science UGM.

Note : as we are young, let's cherish our self by doing what we love. explore the world we want, develop ourselve by following org. never came back this sweet moment (youth). then, we could tell to our children everything which has done in our young ages.

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