Rabu, 23 Januari 2013

Be Proud of who you are. !

 I'm Hamid, I'm 19th years old. currently I'm as a student of Gadjah Mada University. as many other student in my college, I'm following some organizations and active in some discusions, seminar and conference. but, the most I fond of my life is being a Santri. The tradition of my big family has created me to be I'm now, currently I'm a Santri of Ali Maksum Krapyak. I started to be Santri since I became Senior High School student. at the first time, everything felt so flat and I do not found my world. I've to honest, I'm strugle to survive in my new world. being a Santri. I learnt a lot during the process of my studying in Islamic Boarding School, or familiar with Pesantren. here the place where everything balance, I learn religion also general science. I'm becaming an open minded person. it cuts the history if pesantren give restriction to the student, in term of focus to learn in one subject. pesantren has transform to be better without leave its roots. I'm proud to be santri.

some friends are ask to me, why you are still live in pesantren ? meanwhile you've graduted and you are busy of college bussiness and your organization. I try to explain them, eventhough. I've a lot of bussiness and the assigment both are filling my head, somehow. I can relax when I back to pesantren. meet up with friends and my junior are invisible energizer for me.
I can't reject, if stress sometimes emerge my self. I've to say : The magnet is too strong for me. I've melted with the daily life in here.

-Be proud of who you are, proud of your self is better than pretend to be who you are. I'm Hamid and I'm proud of my self, I'm proud to be Santri. Cherish your self.

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