Senin, 31 Desember 2012

Kaleidoscope : 2012 is magic #2 (Last)

Hi readers. !
I'm back with my second kaleidoscope through pictures (ed. 2012 is magic). enjoy it... :)
this pictures are taken by my friend, when I touch ponorogo for the first time. it was great experience . enjoying ponorogo in three days are never get enough for me. soon I'll be back there.

this is it. when I joining International cultural camp in Bandung, West Java.  what a great experience at that time. meet up with young generations from Indonesia, Russia, China, Vietnam, German, Ittaly, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Uzbekistan, United Kingdom. :)

My first Conference as an AIESECer in Jakarta. Indonesian Youth Leadership Conference was amazing. I've to sacrifice my college time to join this conference. life is a choose. I feel satisfied to join this conference leaving jogja for 5 days and live in jakarta. 

Gallusia : I join this organization in 2011, curently I still being Redaction at this org. this organization move on publishing and journalist in specific things (Animal Science). I enjoy to participate in this organization which base on my faculty.

When Sunday come out. I take my bike and ride across village in bantul. nothing can make me more refresh except  doing this habit. visiting traditional market, taste the food, doing some crazy act just like at the picture.

My new family Talent Management AIESEC OE UGM. yeah.. with : Ivo, Hani, Ivy, Nina, Bobob, Tika, Patrick, Aziz, Me and Aldio (Right to left). Hi AIESEC !

This is it, The sweetest moment for me in 2012. gathering with my family only felt by me once a year. you are the reason for me to survive and you are my big motivator in my life. love you.

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