Senin, 24 September 2012

Random Feeling

1. well, something that most I like is when I go to campus by bus and there is no stop in the middle of street. no smoker inside. can you imagine in the crowd of bus some people enjoy the smoke meanwhile I get the worst of it. sadness.
2. My campus is "educopolis" but it still a lot of people unrespect in role, I'm easy to finding the student smoke in campus area, I don't like it they just wanna show up. no good in every side.
3. I will not give my money to street singer, why ? some of them are used motorcycle and had phone better than me.
4. I'm cyclist geek, did you know there is special path in yogyakarta for cyclist like me and there is also special stoppage in traffic for cyclist. but then motorcycle and car still dominate it.
5. I never thought student who unseriuss with their study, they never think if they get special change to enjoying education. in otherside we still see the street children are sacrificing to survive.
6. sometimes I see a lot of seller they don't give full service to customer, so they didn't think these gonna bring bad effect for the continuity of business.
7. I never thought why people are throwing the rubbish in everywhere, river, street, park. hufft is not only doing by people who didn't get well educated but also educated people

I know everyone has their own life, has different thought in passing the problem. but for simple and good things and it bring a lot of people goodness we should respect each other, follow the rule roomates has be appointed. Realize it big society we live in we did not live alone.

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