Senin, 24 September 2012


everyone has different thought, this is what should be understand for everyone. God created all human kind in this world with uniqueness, goodness and some badness it's none other for balancing life. as we knew God created everything on the earth has their couple just like behaviour of people. good opposite bad, ugly opposite handsome.etc, then the question risen why we have to live in couple ? only to full fill each other.
have you imagine ? sometimes we wanna ask people always a path with our opinion or you just dream if all the people in this world are good people, all the people in this world are same religion. well it's really impossible. life is never flat as we know, life is dinamic. if people in this world could be manage what your brain said so life is so flat and so bored. ok I will not talk about people in world scale, I just wanna share something which shaking my brain and someone who I met everyday.
sometimes life is unfair, almost everyday I met with people who live unlucky yet. when I ride my bike and stop in the traffic I was saw unfair of life, it just little example. a grandmother was still strugle to sell a news paper under the sun and the temperature of the city little bit high lately, her face looks so poor and between black and brown I know it caused by the pollution, since the morning until the dask came she still strenght her feet with newspaper on the breast. do you know when I see these situation I wanna cry but I still could manage my tears. and I'll promise to my self I wanna buy her news paper. really contradictive when I see some grandmother enjoying their last life with happiness. RT : sometimes life is unfair but we have to always thankfull to the god.
is not only you who wish all the people in this world are good, me too. I live in dormitory sometimes i'm crazy with the situation, I wanna run as fast as i can but I can't, I wanna hide and I can't. almost to be bananas when I ask to my friend or my student to doing something good. but I remember that's people. we have different thought and world.

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