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Indonesia : Poverty is not to be inherited

Indonesia : poverty is not to be inherited
Abdul Hamid Gadjah Mada University
Faculty of Animal Science
Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) is commitment of member state of the United Nation (UN), jointly tackle the social problems that occur in every country. In 2000 took a place in New York city, States that unite into UN joined MOU for the success of MDGs in 2015. There are eight goals of MDGs, such as poverty, health, infectious diseases, environmental, gender equality for  women, infant mortality, maternal health and promote global partnership for development. Each of the goals contained specific target and measurable.
            I am very interested in the poverty eradication, welfare is good beginning for better life, imagine, if were not poor people almost all problems are solved, when you have money, you can go to the doctor if you got ill, get proper education sevices, but it all seems to be fought again. Recently population of poor people in Indonesia and world are increasing over the time, cause of crisis in almost aspect of life, such as economi, political, and threat of global warming which affecting weather.
            Currently, the population of indonesian whom live under poverty line based on statistic centre commite, in 1990 as many as 15.1 % but when the survey was held back in 2008, the situation tends to rise became 15.4%, target of poverty eradication not successful yet, MDGs with the objectives do not require combat to 0 % but only half that means we eliminate 7.5% of poor people until 2015, it seems hard, but I believe we can reduced it. Poverty is one of national and even international issue, then, raised the question, who is categorized as poor ? many standards used in determining the poverty line, so  we use international standards, those who earn two dollars per day, including beggars.
            In my opinion, when a person live under the poverty line, they wil not be think about education, health and others. They just think about how I get eat today, that’s why ? poverty eradication placed in the first of target Millenium Development Goals.
            Indonesian Government in terms of poverty eradication, did a lot of positive programs, such as  providing raskin (free rice for the poor), BLT (cash aid), the provisioning of jobs,etc. but it’s away from the target, the population of poor peoples are unbalanced with the provisioning of  jobs that government did, and in the process it worsened by corruption, so a lot of people they can’t get their right. Is so sadness.
            The problem of poverty is not just the problem that eradicated by the government, but problem of poverty is moral responsibility for every society who has excess property, so problem of poverty is not only considered by the central government, but it’s burden that should be handle together for all component of country. Including young generation. Poverty is the source of ignorance that must eradicated immediately.
            Talk about young generation, it is possible that young generation joined together to eradicate poverty, to achieve Millenium Development Goals, the role of youth is much needed, give the potential and power which is possessed by young generation. I was really impressed on founding father of this country as well as the first president of Indonesia, at one time he had said “a thousand old man can only dream of,  one youth can change the world” that statement really burns spirit uttered by Ir. Soekarno. Youth it’s time to act, to think and share your aspiration through Millenium Development Goals, to eradicate poverty through the power of young generation for better life and for better world.
            The next question arise, what should we do to against poverty ? in my opinion a lot of things that could be done by young generation to eradicate poverty. For example active in social act, establish foundation that foccus on poverty, and help government to success the ptogram through your idea or being volunteer.
            I am proud to be Indonesian and I am proud to be young generation, as young generation I have moral responsibility to join eradicate poverty, so, with my best friend I establish an organization that foccus on giving free food, he aim is to provide free meals for the marginalized (beggars, vagrant) in future my organization is not only provide of free meals but also giving soft skill, it is none other to make better life and create brotherhood with them. This the way I did as young generation to eradicate poverty, I believe in the future I can give more contribution and participate against poverty. To cut chains of poverty that bind this country.
            Poverty must be eradicated, to create quality generation whom will bring progress for this country, because, once again poverty is not to be inherited.

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