Kamis, 21 Juni 2012

I'm a Dreamer

I was born in rural area used to be, but now my hometown was change almost 180. change of people mind and the development of my hometown so fast. I spend my child time with amazing friends and they really nice and smart. Cause I live near from forest and river, everyday is wonderfull. I could go to the river for swim, fishing and adventure to the rain forest. It’s so memorable to me. If someone ask me, who is your best motivator in your life? I’ll answer My parents and my family I love them so much, parents and family are everything to me. Without their sacrifice I will not being my self now. Unfortunately, I live arround the family whom cares with education. My parents want me being well educated and it was an obligation that in our family. And now I’m young generation, I’m an ambitious.
I’m hamid, I’m a dreamer geek it sound hiperbolis but this is me, here I’m and welcome to my world. As young generation I’ve big dream for my self, my family and my country Indonesia. I’m the future leader of indonesia.
1.       I got my junior high school in village, and I really poor to see the condition of my old school. My dream is, I want to build new building which full of facilities and good standard education. I believe it.
2.       I want to go abroad, I really want to continue my study in famous university in the world like stanford, oxford, harvard, UNSW, cornell. I know to reach it I have to work hard and struggle. I believe I reach it.
3.       I wanna build my senior high school where I study a years ago.
4.       I wanna be social entreprenur
5.       Someday I’ll have a foundation that move on poverty eradication. I wanna contribute to eradicate poverty in my country Indonesia and I’ll be back to develop the place where I born.
My dream will never end, I’m a dreamer geek. But all of thing which I want never came without any struggle and pray. Dream, Believe and reach it.

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