Jumat, 18 Mei 2012

Alter the paradigm of gender equality understanding

I really enjoy the lecturer today, the material was about gender equality understanding this material include of Community Develoment major. and I really enthusiasm with discussion. thanks to my lecture who has given understanding about gender equality, now and forever I will remember this as something that should be strive. as we know gender equality was one of Goals Millenium Development. nice to discuss about this theme.
firstly I let you know the differentiation betwen Gender and Sex. what do you think when you hear about Sex ? I guess you will answer Penis for men and Vagina for woman, that's absolutely right. the sex is nature that God gave to us and it can't change. it is Nature you will never let it go even you're doing transgender act. Sex is sign to make easier us differentiate betwen men and woman.
what is gender ? first, Gender is not sex. Biological sex characteristics do not cause specifics gender or activities, biological sex is virtually meaningless outside the social context in which it develops and is expressed (Yoder, 2003) so what is the meaning of Gender actually ? gender is the same in everywhere and all the time both man and woman except the nature of person it self.
most of developing country including Indonesia are still trapped on the tradition or culture from generation to geneation. which position man as higher than woman. actually this is unbalance for woman and man it self. I will explain. well, Imagine in our culture the position man is higher than woman in our paradigm as a man they have to full fill the need of household and man is only work on hard sector. let we see the woman arround us they only work on kitchen or doing houswork. the culture was create the condition about, since this country were found. but remember we have an obligation as woman and man as naturally.

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