Senin, 16 April 2012

Science and Technology Key to quality Life

The title above was my first speech contest at Junior High School and I got best at the time, this is really make me curious of it, is that true ? is that real happen ? my english teacher said " absolutely Right " realize, that we live in millenium era, everything in our life can not out of technology, science and it's really brought impact for human life. nowdays you will easy to find people using phone, internet, vehicle.etc. all of them are products of technology.
technology has been part of daily activities for people who live in the city even in village, tjhere were not boundaries among them, they can comunicate each other easily, evectively. technology and it's positive  impact could be weapon for the people who use it goodly, through technology we can develop our mind, link, information, communication, welfare.etc, because we talk about technology in large scale. but then, we can't out from the negative impact. we see the fact a lot of us using technology ungoodly, unsavely and overly so the impact is technology just poisen for them because they just use it as pleasure. and the broke of young generation sometime addressed on behalf of technology. the question is who's wrong here ? human or technology. think.
science is very important and it's really important I said. how come ? we can't live without science, science is basic of life. I admit that sciences are divided into two kinds, first is general science and the second is religion sciene, in my religion looking for science is an obligation it shown to us how important science for our continuity in this earth. whether you choose one of them both are important and needed. moreover if we can mastering it all, our live would be balance between general and religion. through science we can't easy to  gullible, we can't be poor people and we may handle the world.
finnaly, science and technology are have corelations each others, and through of it we can live betterly and wisely, if we may mastering at all the quality of lives are increased.

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