Sabtu, 03 Maret 2012

Youth and Millenium Development Goals

Youth : speak up MDGs

When talking about MDGs or Millenium Development Goals, one of the concern is about poverty eradication. since a country build until now, and perhaps in future poverty will be big problem for development country even the advanced country, that's why ? poverty eradication became concern of Millenium Development Goals, well I really interest to contribute and solve this problem through youth act.  however, this is big national problem. is not only job for goverment but this is as responsible for all people across the country.
    I'm proud to be young generation, and let we see the real condition of our country Indonesia, the country that consist of 13.000 islands, 300 ethnics and full of natural resource through forest, sea, oil, gold.etc had been  country with less competitiveness, and this is very sadness and really contradictive, poverty seems like a friend of this country, just look at the data at 1990 the number of poor people in indonesia is 15,1% from population of, and I got the data from 2008 the number of poor people are increased 0.4% became 15,4%. well it is showed to us that the seriousness of goverment in poverty eradication should be ask for.
   just step your feet out of your home, and see what did you see there. you will easy to find gambler or people who live under poverty, in front,beside,behind of your home. just realize it ? young generations are fondation of the country if you want to see the country, see the condition of young generation, it became the parameter of a country to called it advanced or leaved. well, it's to act and think out about MDG's, youth we can.

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