Senin, 26 Maret 2012


enjoying sunset at pandan sari beach
weekend, it's time to refresh from the activities, it's easy for me to look for wonderfull places in jogjakarta, there are some choosen whether you go to beach, museum, shopping, art festifal or you may create your own holiday, gonna be awesome.
for weekend in the end of march, I choose beach as my destination, get sunset in the dusk and enjoying sunrise on top of tower, feel the glows are brighten on my body, such as living in another world.
jogjakarta is one of popular places in indonesia that visited by tourists from arround the world, you can found everything here, with traditional ethnics and javanese culture was maintained " jogja berhati nyaman" is the jargon of the city or " jogja never ending asia". the wonderfull scenery of the peoples who lives in multiculturalism withouth left the original culture. feel the greatness of the place.

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