Selasa, 31 Januari 2012

some pictures of ponorogo city

   welcome to ponorogo " city of reog"

this is the gate of ponorogo city, I was enjoy it and take picture through motorcycle.

                          The big mosque

the big mosque or "masjid gede" located in ponorogo park "alun-alun"

                    ponorogo park

just like other district in central and east java, one of the charasteristic of city is called " alun-alun", in yogyakarta we know there are alun-alun kidul and alun-alun utara.

                      "the mask"

I got this picture when I walk arround the city at night.

                        " cemoe " 

traditional beverage of ponorogo called "cemoe" the taste was very great, it's made by mix of sugar, kolang-kaling (fruit of sugar palm), bread, milk, ginger, bean. good for your body when cold because ginger are mix inside. just like wedang ronde

                               " nasi pecel "

when I stay in ponorogo for some of days, almost every day I eat that, the price is so very cheap Rp 3.500/porsion and it make full your tummy..

                         "Es dawet jabung"

many kind of beverage made by dawet, but this one is different than other beverage type, have great taste to drink, moreover when the day, actually jabung is name of place in ponorogo, so that why called es dawet jabung, once again there are sticky rice ball inside.. yummy.


yups.. it's kind of fried like bakwan,tahu pletok, etc. but it differ, I forget the taste, just come to ponorogo

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